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Trello as an Interface via Webhooks

So I’m a bit particular about how I keep my finances in order.  To the point that I wrote my own web-based ledger software to help myself keep it all straight.  Yeah, there are third-party solutions out there, but I wanted something that worked exactly the way I wanted. Every couple days I pull receipts … Continue reading “Trello as an Interface via Webhooks”

Batch Requests with the Trello API

I write about the Trello API a lot.  So much that I’ve already noted that I write about it a lot. I keep coming across new stuff, though, so I’m going to keep writing about it. My latest experiment was a look into using their batch call, which I don’t see a lot of documentation about … Continue reading “Batch Requests with the Trello API”

Implementing Advanced Trello Functionality via the Trello API

I’ve written pretty extensively on my work with the Trello API and yesterday I got to present the code side of it at TechSmith’s internal development conference, ReCon. Last year I presented for the first time (when the event was called DevCon) and I think I learned a lot from it that helped me this … Continue reading “Implementing Advanced Trello Functionality via the Trello API”

Moving Cards to a Different Board via the Trello API

I’ve been writing a ton of late about the Trello API because I’ve basically been head-down in it for the last week.  Today I discovered my new biggest annoyance with an otherwise awesome tool. Using the Trello UI, it’s really simple to move a card from one column/list to another on the same board.  Click … Continue reading “Moving Cards to a Different Board via the Trello API”

Linking Child and Parent Cards on Trello – Part 2

Last week I published a bit of code that uses the Trello API to keep parent and child cards synced across a set of boards.  It was a little piece of research that has absolutely taken off around the office so I’ve been expanding on it and demoing it and talking about it and generally … Continue reading “Linking Child and Parent Cards on Trello – Part 2”

Linking Child and Parent Cards on Trello via the Trello API

One of the things my team at work always seems to have a problem with is tracking our tasks and how they fit into the bigger picture of our team’s goals.  We had these problems when we were using a bulletin board, we have these problems now that we’re using a single Trello board. We … Continue reading “Linking Child and Parent Cards on Trello via the Trello API”

Trello API and dateLastActivity

I came across something interesting today, working on a project that is supposed to automatically archive all cards on a Trello board that are in the “Completed” column and are more than two weeks old. This should have been really easy.  Use the /1/lists/<list_id>/cards GET request to get all of the cards on the list then … Continue reading “Trello API and dateLastActivity”

PHP and the Trello API

Note: This post was updated on March 4, 2021, to replace references to outdated code. A couple weeks ago I wrote up a bit about a PHP wrapper object I’d written for the Twitter API v1.1.  Since then I’ve been playing with the Trello API a bit, so I figured I’d write that up as … Continue reading “PHP and the Trello API”